Northern-Aqua can take you or your company from a simple vision and guide you through all the steps involved in designing, creating and maintaining your aquatic world. From a simple water feature, a nature pond or a formal koi pond, whatever you have in your mind Northern-Aqua will help you though the hurdles and pit falls of your idea. 

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Our team have hundreds of builds worth of experience to offer guidance throughout the process of designing, creating, and maintaining your design from simple water features to formal koi ponds. We provide assistance in design, incorporating clients' preferences and ensuring sustainable, working creations suitable for every budget.

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We construct aquatic landscapes with great attention to detail, using high-quality materials from leading aquatic and landscape suppliers in the UK and Europe. We work with your budget to suggest the best materials for the job, whether it's a large site build or a small garden water feature. For flexible lining and opt for only Epdm/Butyl because it offers a longer lifespan and higher quality. These can also be supplied and fitted, Boxweld available too.

We also provide G4 resin ponds and fibreglassing services for all types of ponds.

we can help with pond

Maintenance and Enhancement

We offer essential pond maintenance to ensure healthy pond operation, including equipment maintenance, water quality checks, and safety feature installation. Our 12-month maintenance packages are tailored to individual pond needs and offer financial savings. We also provide emergency call-out services for immediate assistance.

Our maintenance services include water testing, draining, cleaning, plant care, weed control, feeding, and more.

Contact us for one-off or ongoing maintenance needs.

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